Shaping Light That Stirs Emotion

We are a husband and wife photography team specializing in commercial, portrait and fine art photography. We service all of Colorado and beyond. It is our goal to create beautiful imagery and an exceptional experience for every client. Contact us today to discuss your project!


Commercial Services

From defining your brand, to telling your story, we strive to bring all aspects of your business to life. Our dramatic lighting techniques, unique angles and professional processing all combine to create a signature style that will showcase your business to stand out.

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Portrait Services

We specialize in portraiture for high school seniors, families, lifestyle and more with a focus on dramatic lighting an expertise in printing. From studio to on location, we work with you one on one to help combine your vision with our signature Colorado style.

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Shop & License Fine Art

We’ve stopped at nothing to create only the highest quality fine art prints we can produce. Printed locally, all of our fine art prints are printed with only the highest level of attention to detail. Browse our gallery to explore options between purchasing, licensing, and more.

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About Us

From the first meeting to the final deliverables and beyond, we strive to provide the best photography service and products we can.


“We shape the light to bring your vision to life.”


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Browse through the many different galleries, portfolios and series of works we have completed.


“No matter the project, we strive to bring the emotion out in every photograph.”


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“We spend countless hours chasing the sun, exploring the dark and revealing the light…and that’s only the beginning”


The Blog

Follow along with us as we chase sunrise and sunsets, or go behind the scenes at a photoshoot, learn what it takes to create the images we work so hard to make and even receive free downloadable phone and desktop backgrounds and get exclusive offers to prints and many other products we offer.


“We live to chase the light that illuminates our souls all so you can enhance your space with a show stopping print.”


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We spend countless hours in the dark traveling, setting up, waiting for the light to be just right for that one moment where everything comes together and we steal the light.