About Us

Justin and Kat

We are a Lakewood, Colorado based photography studio specializing in commercial, portrait and fine art photography. With a focus on dramatic lighting techniques, unique angles, creativity and teamwork, we create our beautiful images that our client love!


You need a photographer who knows and understands your needs and who can deliver photos beyond your expectations. Whether you’re looking for product or food photography, real estate or architectural photography, portraits or fine art prints, you want a photographer who is your personal creative partner. With that, you also deserve an educated creative professional who has a refined artistic eye and a foundation in photography and its history. And, you want a photographer with the proven ability to deliver the exceptional experience you have imagined. We offer all of these qualities and they make us more valuable to you as a creative partner and photographer. There’s nothing like working one on one with an experienced creative professional.

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We have been fortunate enough to pursue our photographic goals together. Both graduating with associate's degrees from the Art Institute of Colorado in September of 2017, with honors.


Justin is a native of Colorado, born and raised in Littleton. He attended the Art Institute of Colorado in 2004, completing a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design. After receiving his first camera as a birthday gift in 2014, Justin asked Kat to go back to school to study photography. He has a love for natural and man-made landscapes and the beauty they process, which allows for a combination of dramatic landscapes within his photography.

Kat is also a native of Colorado, growing up in Colorado Springs, and moving to Lakewood in 2005. She attended Arapahoe Community College in 2005, completing an associate's degree in Mortuary Science. Kat fell in love with portraiture during her time at the Art Institute, and after a bit of convincing, had Justin hooked as well. Allowing individuals to see their true inner beauty is what Kat wants to accomplish with each portrait.