We are a husband and wife photography team based in Lakewood, Colorado specializing in unforgettable high school senior portraits with our signature Colorado Style!

With an awesome dog named Boozer as our mascot, our main focus is to create unforgettable imagery and provide an outstanding experience for every senior and their family.

We also sell beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, and abstract prints of Colorado that are guaranteed to bring the outdoors, indoors. Our prints fit perfectly in hospitality, healthcare, commercial, government, and residential spaces, all at very friendly prices!

Meet Justin

I am a husband, photographer, designer, mountain biker, and Dog Father.

I started Alber Photography with the idea of brightening peoples’ spaces through amazing fine art photography of Colorado and beyond. I’ve seen enough negativity in my life, I’ve experienced enough struggle in my life…The world is a beautiful place and I want to show you the world through my eyes.

When it comes down to it, we believe that everyone is dealing with their own struggle. We believe you do not give up. You make the best of what you have and keep moving forward. things will get better, I’ve been through it.

This is what our work represents. This is what our work is trying to say.

Justin Alber | Photographer

Meet Kat

Being a native of Colorado, I’ve only ever known an outdoors kind of life. The way the mountain air smells after a rainstorm, the actual seasons of the year, and of course - Bronco Orange and Blue sunsets. Photography was a way for me to express not only the beauty that truly does surrounds us here in CO, but it allows me to be artistic with my husband and best friend every day.

There is a certain liberty you get with photography that other mediums don’t allow, and I enjoy being able to show what I want from a scene specifically to tell a story.  It’s not the gear that makes a great photograph, but the intent and person behind the lens that does. 

Kat Alber | Photographer

Meet Boozer

This is Boozer, the official mascot of Alber Photography. He is my flame, my muse. He goes everywhere I go and absolutely loves just being a Colorado Mountain Dog. He loves to get up early and grab a coffee and catch the sunrise before he gets his ball time in.

Boozer Alber | Alber Photography Mascot

Shop Our Print Collection

We spend a lot of our time driving around Colorado, and while we are at it we stop and create spectacular photographs we turn into stunning wall art, coffee table books more to brighten any space! We invite you to check out our gallery!

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