1. How far out should I book my senior session? 

Our summer and fall sessions book QUICKLY! It is our busy season and we suggest reaching out 3-6 weeks prior to when you are wanting to book. We love to have sessions year-round here in Colorado. The snow can be incredibly fun to play in and spring is always an amazing time with spring rain storms, new flowers, and more. Here is our booking link so you can see our open availability and find a date that works for you!

2. What dates do you schedule senior sessions on? 

We typically book Senior sessions Thursday - Sundays, but during the summer months, we have session availability every day of the week! 

Pro Tip: Weekend options book quickly, so if you are needing a weekend date book early!

3. How long is the session and what do I get?

Our senior sessions are approximately 2 to 3 hours long! We only schedule one senior a day so you know our focus is 100% on you! We typically visit 2 to 3 locations in the area and do 4 to 6 outfit changes! I edit all of the images and send them to you via an online gallery! I also include a mobile app! The personalized mobile app allows you to access all of your photos on your phone at any time! You will also get an amazing custom photo book of your session with your top selections. We also include a jigsaw puzzle of your favorite selected image and put it together with the whole family!

4. What is your approach to senior sessions? 

Our approach to senior sessions is to focus on capturing the individual’s personality and creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We like to mix posed and candid shots to create a well-rounded collection of images. We also think it’s important to capture the mood and feeling of the day, so we always pay attention to the lighting and surroundings.

5. How would you describe your style?

Did you know that there are basically three popular styles of photography? These style of photos can be broken down into moody, natural, and light and airy (for a great article explaining and showcasing the differences, click here!)

Moody images showcase deep tones and contrast, giving the image a modern look. Light and airy images lighten shadows, reduce contrast, and showcase soft color palettes beautifully. Natural image style showcases classic, true-to-life colors, and contrast.

Knowing which style you prefer and what photographers in your area offer that style is a crucial first step in narrowing down potential candidates for the job!

6. For how long have you been photographing seniors? 

It’s always important to find out the depth behind a portfolio, and the more experience the better. However, we know many photographers who became full-time only recently and have just thrived in the business, with beautiful portfolios emerging in only a short amount of time. It’s always best to know, though, because experience does tend to lead to more spontaneous sessions with a guaranteed positive outcome. 

7. Can I have a family member/ a friend come with me to my senior session?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage our seniors to bring a mom, sibling, or best friend with them to encourage them while they model for the shoot. Don't worry though; by the end of your session, we just might be your biggest hype man! At the end of the day, we want every single senior to have the best experience with us that we can provide. Don't hesitate to tell us your ideas!

8. What happens if the weather doesn’t cooperate and it is necessary to reschedule your portrait session?

It is a good idea to find out if your photographer has the flexibility and spontaneity you might need due to a busy life and rescheduling. The best option is to find a photographer who has a flexible schedule that matches your needs. You will also want to look for a photographer with great communication skills who will respond to messages, emails, and phone calls quickly and efficiently. Kat and I take pride in being able to reschedule your sessions within 8 hours from the original session date.

9. How long does it take to receive my entire gallery from the session? 

This is always good to know because you need to allow your photographer time to organize the photos and edit them. We strive to have your full gallery up within one week. This ranges between 100 and 300 photos for you to choose from. However, you will see a sneak peek with 1-3 days of your session in your gallery, on our social media.