Having dogs of our own, we know they are part of the family and how wonderful it would be to include them in your senior pictures! We have some good news; we love incorporating them into our sessions. Here are some tips to think about if you’re going to include your pup in your senior pictures:

But First, Meet Boozer!

The Official Alber Photography Mascot

1. Give your photographer a head's up!

By giving us a head up, we can ensure a couple of things so your session goes off without a hitch. First and foremost, we will ensure we go to a dog-friendly area where we know we will have successful images with your pup. Secondly, we will bring along some specialized equipment for photographing dogs.

2. Time their grooming appointment appropriately.

We recommend making plans for their grooming appointment to correspond with your senior session date so your pup's look and your look are both on point! Believe us, it’ll just be easier and so much more enjoyable!

3. Plan a cute accessory or two to match your outfit for your dog!

A really fun idea we love to advise our seniors on is having a matching accessory or accessories like a cute collar and leash that could make a great addition to your pictures. Bow ties, sports jerseys, or any other dog accessory would be super cute as well! Don’t be shy! You can find some pretty cute customizable dog gear on Etsy!

4. Get them some exercise before the session!

You know your dog the best, but we definitely recommend getting them some exercise before your session. This might be the most critical step on the day of your session. This will help calm them down and focus a little easier during the session. 

5. Bring water, treats, toys, and waste bags to your session.

Bring treats, toys, leashes, waste bags, or anything else that helps get your dog's attention. It never hurts to be prepared.

6. Only include your pup in part of the session. We like to include them with either the first outfit or the last.

We don’t include your pup in the entire session. We like to include them at the beginning or toward the end of our sessions. However, we are very flexible and love to be spontaneous, so we will see what happens! 

Including your dog in your senior pictures is a super unique and always fun experience. We hope these tips help to include your pup into your senior pictures! If you are invested in booking your senior portraits with us, just click the button below!